Irontree Investment Management Provides

comprehensive services for those looking for a financial plan with a holistic approach. We also assist investors seeking tax deferral strategies on the sale of an asset, the sale of a business, and real estate property sales. Irontree also provides tax efficient planning based around Roth conversion strategies.


Because Irontree is an independent office, we can recommend sound financial strategies employing a wide range of financial tools, vehicles, and instruments.

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What’s the Difference?

Irontree matches strategies and vehicles to match meet our client’s goals rather than trying to fit our clients into a preset cookie-cutter financial plan.

Tax Shelter and Deferral

1031 Exchanges

1031 exchanges allow investors to defer capital gains taxes. In order to access the full potential of these benefits, it is essential to have a comprehensive knowledge of the exchange process. Irontree Investment Management is your resource to obtain accurate and thorough information about the entire exchange process.

A 1031 exchange allows an investor to defer tax on capital gains on the sale of a property by rolling the proceeds of the relinquished  property into a replacement property.

Deferred Sales Trust™

The Deferred Sales Trust is a smart, functional, and legal tool for investors to defer capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture costs on the sale of highly appreciated residential or commercial real estate, or businesses. Any entity can use this type of trust including LLC’s, S-Corp’s, C-Corp’s, and individuals.

On viable transactions, Irontree can structure the sale of the asset to a dedicated trust set up for the seller. This enables the seller to begin drawing payment from the trust immediately, or the seller may choose not to begin receiving payments for months, or years. Payments from the trust include tax-free return of basis, interest, and capital gains and can reduce the seller’s tax burden.

Rather than paying taxes at the time of sale, a Deferred Sales Trust allows the seller to defer paying capital gain taxes over a pre-selected time period. As with any tax deferral strategy, this trust only works if properly structured. Estate Planning team members at Irontree are trained to assist clients in deferring capital gains using the Deferred Sales Trust.

The funds remaining in the trust are invested and could potentially grow at a greater rate than distributions and inflation combined providing an appreciating inheritable asset.

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Real Estate Owners Guide to Tax Deferral

Learn how to get more out of real estate assets in our free downloadable eBook, The Real Estate Owner’s Guide to Tax Deferral.

1035 Exchanges

A 1035 exchange allows an investor to exchange an insurance policy, such as annuities, and replace it with another in a “like kind exchange,” and realize tax deferral on the exchange. Irontree assists clients to navigate the rules and regulations governing this effective tax strategy.

Retirement Planning

When employment income stops, ideally it is replaced with other sources, such as pensions, Social Security, and investments. Retirees usually control when to start these income sources and decide from which investment account to withdraw funds. Different accounts may have different tax treatments.

Irontree Investment Management helps retirees explore tax strategies that can have a significant effect on their retirement and give them the ability to manage their distribution for optimal tax efficiency.

Having the right amounts of investments in the right types of accounts such as IRA, Roth IRA and non-qualified accounts, can have a drastic impact on how long your money lasts. 

Risk tolerance is also important when investing. Clients need a realistic understanding of their ability and willingness to tolerate any value fluctuations of their investments. Factors affecting risk tolerance include the time horizon in which the client wants to retire, future earning capacity, and the presence of other assets such as a home, pension, Social Security, or an inheritance.


Tax-Free Retirement Strategies

Tax Planning

Before we can advise our clients on what steps to take toward tax-efficient investing, we first determine how their accounts are currently structured. We then look at the options available to our clients to identify what investment vehicles or structures we can implement to most efficiently plan around the client’s tax situation.   

Anyone may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible.”

– Judge Learned Hand, U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals


Social Security Maximization Planning

Make the wrong decision and a retiree can leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table, if not more. Many retirees are not aware that their Social Security may be subject to federal and in some states, state income tax. Individuals with provisional income greater than $34,000 annually, and couples filing jointly with more than $44,000 in income, can have up to 85% of their Social Security income exposed to federal tax.

Also, Irontree helps our clients determine the best time to apply for Social Security benefits, which benefits they are eligible for, and help them navigate the more than 2,700 rules governing the program’s payouts.

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